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USA: Joy Of Music Statue in Holland, Michigan

August 15, 2015 by wandmin

360° panorama by Johan Offermans & Karl Overholt.
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This “Joy of Music” statue is located in the Alpenrose Park at the corner of 8th street and Central Avenue in Holland, Michigan. The statue was created by George Lundeen and features three musicians and two children singing. There is also classical music playing in the background in the little park.The bronze sculpture is one of 21 such statues at various public and private locations throughout the US.  The artist included himself in the sculpture as the bass player. The other figures were also modeled by his family and friends. You can find more information about the sculpture and its creator here.The statue is dedicated to Edgar D. Prince, a wealthy industrialist who helped to preserve downtown Holland. He died in 1995.Holland is a coastal city in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, US. It is close to Lake Michigan, one of the great lakes.  It was founded by Dutch Americans and celebrates its Dutch heritage with a Tulip Festival in May and various Dutch-themed attractions.

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