Photography by Photonicwand

About Photonicwand

Welcome to our site. We do some advanced photography such as panorama photography, gigapan photography and timelapse photography.

The objective of this site is to showcase our work.

Please go to the relevant section on the site to look at the topic you are interested in:

  • 360 Panoramas are full spherical panoramas you can look around in in all directions.  Many of our recent panoramas are included in this site. If you would like to see all our panoramas, please check us out on
  • Gigapans are very high resolution photographs in which you can zoon in to see a lot of detail. This site contains a selection of our gigapans. If you would like to see all our gigapans, please check us out on
  • Timelapse photography is a process where you take photos at a regular interval, for example every two seconds, and you put these photos into a video.  This results in spectacular videos showing evolution over a period of time, for example fast moving cloudscapes.  This site contains a selection of some of our timelapse videos with more to follow.

You can also explore our work by location by selecting the Location menu. Here our work is sorted by country / region.

We hope you enjoy this site. If you would like more information about our work or would like to commission us for specific projects, please contact us in the “Contact” section.